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Comments (14)

IT was A GIANT Boy! he kicked the wall, now the toy is trembling because the boy might kick him! the boy kicks him and he dies. The end

As the toy cowers in fear an odd creature begins to emerge from the darkness that was once the only thing helping him feel safe. The creature enters into view and the toy scoots up against it's wall as the odd lizard like humanoid continues it's slow walk towards the toy. It stands in front of the horrified toy sniffs him and growls. It turns and runs off. The toy realizing the danger is gone probably because he ain't alive he clambers up to the window. He peers out and nothing seems out of place. He turns around and the lizard thing is there again but it seems to want the toy to follow it. So the toy runs after the small lizard like creature.......well how's that? I ccan make more if ya need 'em or want 'em.

That person should be Luis. He takes the toy to a sack and then bring it to some kind of factory, where all the toys are digitizing to his movies. That's how Luis creates such plausible personages - he just kills real things, turning them into his animated slaves.

So we've got a villain :D

I like this idea a lot... :) You may have already got your part in the story. :P

A wild snorlax appears.

Pedobear appears.


It is the family's cat.

A bird flew in from the window and picks up the toy. They fly out of the window (toy in birds mouth) and the toy feels terrified briefly but quickly feels as though it's getting a glimpse of freedom (from the birds eye view of the setting). Just as it starts to feel joy, the bird drops the toy down from its great height where the toy falls down to it's death. It closes with the toy looking lifeless and with some broken limbs, and looking as though it were an inanimate object; a toy (which would be ironic in a way because it is haha)

lol I guess it's depending on the mood you want (a depressing or comic one), does it matter? because a giant snorlax is spontaneous and hilarious.
That's my vote for a funny ending, as far as a dark ending, well I'd say Rathaloskid is pretty passionate about it

yt1DER's idea. FTW, that is.

screenshot or gtfo

Excuse me, Nugit. I have way more worthy submissions than your -2.00 rating submissions, so shut the fuck up and get off my page.

As Luis takes the toy to the factory...a giant squid tentacle rises from the ground. Slowly, this giant monster crawls out of the pit that it has created for itself. As the monster reveals itself, you see that it has the body of a grizzly bear and the tail of a dragon! It's face resembles no other animal that's been witnessed by man! This 100 story tall creature spreads its wings and begins to fly while knocking over other buildings! Luis must drop everything he's doing and destroy this gigantic beast! He finds a conveniently placed potion, drinks it, and grows to be 101 stories tall! An epic battle ensues!

The little toy is dropped out of the sack

he is on a conveyer belt and around him he sees other toys lifelessly moving on other conveyer belts toward a large glowing box(attached to the conveyer belt). As the toy watches in fear a doll enters the box and a bright light explodes from it.

on the other side of the box a lot of long cords attach the box to a computer where Luis is already working on an animation. Theres a close-up on the screen and it shows the doll being printed out onto the program. And thats where he begins to animate.

(l'm gonna skip ahead cuz frankly, i dont know what luis really makes here on newgrounds other than how he organizes a lot of stuff)

The toy stands up and sees the approaching box in front of him (all boxes are linked to the one computer)

thats all i got. I donno if its very creative. Sorry if there are any grammatical errors or spelling mistakes. I didn't really have time to check over it for that stuff

Winnnner :)

Hi Sean

lol what

yo rudy! how is this looking?

I ditched it. I should start working on it though... Hm.