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Rudy's News

Posted by Rudy - October 30th, 2013

Hello folks,

It's finally completed! My Halloween animation spoof of Disney's "Aladdin" has been uploaded! Please check it out in the portal and let me know what you think!

Watch "Aladdin On Halloween 2013"

Aladdin On Halloween 2013

Posted by Rudy - October 20th, 2013

Halloween is right around the corner and I'm still dragging my feet on completing my Halloween spoof. I always get into this mood where I'll animate for a long period amount of time and then forget about it for a couple weeks at a time. The motivation just does not come to me as it used to when I used to animate as a kid.

I still have to find spurs of inspiration or something that makes me want to animate in order to complete an animation. I have about four animations that are incomplete right now that I want to have completed by the mid of 2014. I just had to get back into it -- Working a job that involves computers and processing does not help either...

Oh well -- I have something in the works now that should be released this Halloween. I'm pretty proud of how it's turning out... I hope you all will enjoy!


P.S. - The Perks - We Are The Government l Politics

Halloween is right around the corner...

Posted by Rudy - October 7th, 2013

Hello ladies and gentlemen,

I just wanted to post a little update since it's been a while since my last post. I have an animation in the works for the Halloween season and below is a screenshot of the main menu in progress.

I am planning on having this completed by October 31st, 2013. This will be my first animation in almost 4 years.

I would say more but I really don't have anything else to say... so.... Stay tuned.

Thank you,

Behind the Scenes of Halloween

Posted by Rudy - April 30th, 2013

The last couple days I have been working on a piece that I referenced in my previous post called, "Pokemon Intervention." I'm starting a little series that I thought of about 5 episodes so far for, regarding Pokemon who are overcoming addictions. I thought I would release a screenshot of the progress so far.

Below is a screenshot of Caterpie and Horsea discussing their fellow Pokemon friend who is facing the struggles of being a pothead. I'm anticipating completing this animation this week or next week.

I am still planning on completing the Awesome Zelda flash animation, so I suppose that'll be my next animation to complete after Episode 1 of Pokemon Intervention. In the near future, anticipate a few collabs being revived and brought back to the table... Possibly a time trial collab or the infamous NG Collab...

Who knows. You'll just have to wait and see.

Pok'emon Intervention

Posted by Rudy - April 27th, 2013

Hello Newgrounds,

It's been a while but it's great to see that this site is advancing more and more each time I log-on. I have been grooved into a habit of signing onto Newgrounds every couple months to see what's going on.. but It's been almost a couple years since I made a post on here.

There once was a time where Newgrounds was EVERYTHING. I would get home from school, log onto the site and start planning my next animation. Unfortunately, days aren't the same anymore... I haven't released an animation in years and when I did release one, it was half assed because I couldn't find the motivation to complete something.

So here I am today -- working a full time job but I thought I might start tiptoeing back into the scene... Bit by bit. Over the last couple years, I have made tons of various animations, games, ideas and artwork for submissions that I eventually planned on submitting to Newgrounds. Over the couple weeks, I am going to be sorting through all of my work to see what is worthy to complete or trash.

Hopefully I'll have something posted up soon. As you can see by my icon, there was a Stoner Bulbasaur animation in the works. That most likely WILL be completed.. It's going to be a series of various Pokemon(only the original 150) -- Meh, I lost interest into where I was going with this. I just wanted to say hello and give you a heads up that I may possibly be back again.

To the ones that know me, to the ones that don't give a shit about me, or to the new members that are thinking, "who the fuck is Rudy?" -- Please enjoy a nice screenshot of "The Legend of Zelda Awesome" that I made years ago. Maybe I'll complete it.. But I'm not even sure if the AWESOME series are even around anymore.

Oh well - Toodles!

So it's been a while...

Posted by Rudy - May 2nd, 2011


So I promise that I'll be making an animation soon and releasing it to the portal since I suck and haven't been making anything lately. I finally got internet back on my desktop, so I'll be making stuff soon.

In the meantime.... Watch this shit.

Posted by Rudy - January 5th, 2011

Only one flash animation in 2010. Wow, that's sad. I really have to start animating again. It's been a while, but it's time to dust off the tablet and actually push myself to be creative again. I used to create animations all the time, but over the last two years, it's been slowly slipping away.

Friday is going to be my 19th birthday. Maybe I'll start doing something this week once I settle in my new house. We'll see what happens though.

How's everyone been?

Posted by Rudy - June 6th, 2010

Hello n00bz,

I realized I haven't been really much into the animation scene for quite sometime now, so I decided to whip up a fun little idea that will involve the whole Newgrounds community.

I'm going to give you a beginning to a script -- it's basically going to be a starting setting for the story/animation and you have to finish it. I'll update the script occasionally in the thread once I pick, which part I like best and we will go from there.

Everyone has a chance to have their idea into the animation, just think of something clever and I'll use it.

The story is going to start off with the following:

"The story starts off with a little toy stuck inside a child's room. It looks sad and lonely as it wishes for freedom, and non-restraint from the boundaries of this room. He crawls up out of the toybox, climbing over the lifeless toys surrounding him and lands onto the floor.

Suddenly, he hears a large bang and you see a view of him, trembling with fear as he turns around to see what caused the noise... As his eyes expand, you see the figure that made the noise...."

Now it's your turn to finish writing the story, where I left off. You have to write the next part of this animation. So what made this noise? And why is the little toy trembling in fear, because of this? Leave your most creative responses in the thread, and I'll pick the best ones once a day, and we will have a full script for an animation to create soon.

After the script is completed, I will begin the story boarding and creating this animation. So let's make this fun and the most entertaining film as possible. I thought this was a great idea, so I decided to put it into works.

You stay updated on the whole thing in the following thread, and we will see this thing come to life.

Check it out here!


I've decided on the continuation to the story:

Ryabov says:

That person should be Luis. He takes the toy to a sack and then bring it to some kind of factory, where all the toys are digitizing to his movies. That's how Luis creates such plausible personages - he just kills real things, turning them into his animated slaves.

So we've got a villain :D
So as Luis takes this toy to the factory, what happens next? Here's a screenshot below of some art that I just whipped together of Luis. :)

I decided on the next part...

lpfann2 says:
The little toy is dropped out of the sack
he is on a conveyer belt and around him he sees other toys lifelessly moving on other conveyer belts toward a large glowing box(attached to the conveyer belt). As the toy watches in fear a doll enters the box and a bright light explodes from it.
on the other side of the box a lot of long cords attach the box to a computer where Luis is already working on an animation. Theres a close-up on the screen and it shows the doll being printed out onto the program. And thats where he begins to animate.
The toy stands up and sees the approaching box in front of him (all boxes are linked to the one computer)

So what happens next? What happens to the toy on the conveyor belt? Does he escape? Does another toy help him? Does Luis interfere? Fill it in. Let's continue writing.

So far this is what we got.

- A toy wakes up in a room, all alone, and wishes for freedom.
- As he climbs out of a toy box with toys all around him, he hears a loud noise behind him.
- Behind him is Luis, and Luis is furious about the toy trying to escape.
- Luis takes the toy and puts him into a sack and brings him to a factory.
- The toy is placed on a conveyor belt, which is linked to a huge computer.
- Time is running out as the big computer approaches the toy. What will he do? How will he escape?

Finish the story for my next animation...

Posted by Rudy - May 21st, 2010

Posted by Rudy - April 14th, 2010

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