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Halloween is right around the corner...

2013-10-20 17:43:12 by Rudy

Halloween is right around the corner and I'm still dragging my feet on completing my Halloween spoof. I always get into this mood where I'll animate for a long period amount of time and then forget about it for a couple weeks at a time. The motivation just does not come to me as it used to when I used to animate as a kid.

I still have to find spurs of inspiration or something that makes me want to animate in order to complete an animation. I have about four animations that are incomplete right now that I want to have completed by the mid of 2014. I just had to get back into it -- Working a job that involves computers and processing does not help either...

Oh well -- I have something in the works now that should be released this Halloween. I'm pretty proud of how it's turning out... I hope you all will enjoy!


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Halloween is right around the corner...


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2013-10-20 19:22:22

What corner?


2013-10-27 03:11:31

Life's like that for me too, goes in phases of efficiency. Looks good though!

Rudy responds:

Thank you sir! I appreciate it!