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Rudy's News

Posted by Rudy - February 19th, 2010

Just a warning.

Posted by Rudy - November 5th, 2009

Hey everyone,

If you remember, I released a newspost advertising a show that my band, Electric Complex will be playing at. Well, We received information on play times and which stage we will be playing on.

On Saturday, November 7th, We will be playing at 1:15pm on the Main Stage. This is the stage DOWNSTAIRS at the Troc. The second stage is the second floor, and is much smaller, but we were fortunate enough to get the nice big stage to perform.

The address to the show is:
Trocadero Theatre
1003 Arch St
Philadelphia, PA 19107

The cost of a ticket is $15.00 and I'll be selling tickets until Saturday morning, so if you want to attend the show, leave a comment or something. The event has tons of bands playing, and should be pretty fun to watch. It's an all-day event ranging from 11am-11pm, so you can just watch us or attend the whole show.

I WILL NOT be there for the whole show. I believe I'm going to just perform and then leave, I don't quite know. Maybe we could have a meet-up after or something. We'll figure something out.

Thank you for reading, and wish us luck. :)

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Check us out on: Facebook l MySpace l Twitter

Posted by Rudy - October 20th, 2009

I'm aware I haven't quite shown much progress on my current projects much recently, but I had an internet outage in my area, as well as other technical problems. I'm currently moving out of my house, and all this chaotic stuff, but besides that, I decided to start doing a weird animation just now. It's really strange, and will stray away from anything I've done before. I just started doodling and freestyling it all. I opened up Flash with no idea, plot, purpose, or anything. I'm just letting my mind flourish and go wild, and see what comes out of it.

Hopefully, the outcome will be good. Here's a screenshot below of what I started so far:

Another animation heading your way !

Posted by Rudy - October 7th, 2009

My band "Electric Complex" (www.myspace.com/electriccomplex) will be playing a show at the Trocadera in Philadelphia on November 7th. I'm selling tickets until then for $15. Tons of bands will be playing there (over 100 I believe), and it's an all-day concert event ranging from 11am-11pm. Please show up and show support! It should be tons of fun. If you want to buy tickets, please message me for more information on obtaining tickets, and payment options.

Thank you.

If you haven't heard any of our material, one of our songs, "Here At Last" is on the audio section of Newgrounds. Listen below:

http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen /274459

Posted by Rudy - September 25th, 2009

Hello hello!,

As you may have known, I have decided to jump back into the Flash Scene. It's been almost 5 months, since I even released a single Flash, and even back then -- It was months before that until I seriously started animating again. It took me a while, but I'm finally back into the groove of things.

Last night, I released a "Above the Influence" parody, which included Tom Fulp and his Fulp Baby in "I can stop making video games anytime I want" type of deal. The scene was based off of a commercialI saw online before, and it was also parodied in Family Guy as well. You can view the animation here, if you're interested in watching it.

In other news, In upcoming weeks, I'll be releasing a Halloween Flash, which I'll be working on with Mexify. It's looking pretty fun, and it's coming along quite nicely. I'll also be releasing maybe a few collabs in the meantime for others to join in on, and expect my game to have more developments as well.

Besides my animation and artwork, I'll be releasing a full-CD or EP with my band, Electric Complex. We have been in the works, writing and such for about six-months now, and we have a few acoustic demos on YouTube, but we ALSO have a new track, entitled "Here At Last." It's a pretty fun tune, and hopefully we can hit the studio and record it sometime soon.

We are also playing two upcoming shows in the Philadelphia area, so if anyone is interested. Feel free to join us, and check us out. We'll meet with the fans and such, and maybe just hang out. The information I have regarding it, is that it's on November 7th, at the Trocadera. So I hope to see you there!

Expect a lot from me.. From the closing of 2009, towards the opening of 2010. It's going to be a big year for me.

The Agenda for 2009

Posted by Rudy - September 18th, 2009

Stay tuned...

Something's in the works....

Posted by Rudy - September 3rd, 2009



Posted by Rudy - June 2nd, 2009

Hello everyone,

In my recent newspost, you may have noticed that I have been facing a financial struggle involving trying to purchase a laptop for college. At the moment, I have raised $145.45 at the moment, and I'm hoping to raise more. I have been filling out applications to various job firms, so hopefully I'll get hired sometime soon and help cover the cost of my new laptop for school.

If you're interested in helping out, Please Send donations to my paypal account, which is linked to this email: dragonballsr@hotmail.com

Paypal is easy to use. All you have to do is sign up on Paypal.com, and than link it to your bank account. After verifying your account, you can send any money transfers from Credit Cards, Bank Accounts etc, to any other paypal accounts.

Moving on though.

I have been doing a few commissions and if you need a artist for a game, or something of that sort -- Please contact me via PM or email at dragonballsr@hotmail.com -- If you need an artist for a game, I won't need to be paid -- but if you want me to do graphic design, or an animation for you -- Than I'd like to be paid a little. If you want more information, just contact me if you're interested.

Also, I've been toying around with Flash again lately, and I decided to whip up an animation dedicated to Alien Hominid. I was sketching designs in school today, and I just whipped up some art via flash, and I'm hoping to have the animation released this weekend. It'll be rather short, but it's just a test to get me back into animating.

Here's a screenshot to wet your tastebuds :) Take care everyone, and please wish me luck with the money raising. I REALLY appreciate everyone's help!

Alien Hominid Short In The Works/Please Donate

Posted by Rudy - May 25th, 2009

Hello everyone,

I haven't been active for the past two months or so because I have been extremely busy trying to obtain alternatives on saving up money for a laptop. I have failed to do so, and this is my alternative. I have set up a donation fund from anyone whom is interested or cares.

I really don't want to ask anyone for money, since I should earn this item myself -- but I have tried. I have filled out 20 applications to many different stores, restaurantes, etc. and I received no calls back or anything. I don't quite know what to do anymore. My parents are going through a divorce, so all of their money is going towards that and court cases.

If you have spare change, or anything of that sort. Please send me a penny, 50 cents, a dollar. Anything so maybe it can tally up for me to purchase a laptop for my high school and college studies. My computer that I currently have is dying out, and I need to replace it. So I really don't have much of an option to ask for help from my fellow Newgrounders.

I am seeking to attend the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, and I'm hoping to get accepted and enrolled as I've been getting together a portfolio.

If you send any money, or anything. Please send me a PM, telling me you did with contact information so I can send you something with return gratitude to show that I am thankful for your kind acts.

Send donations to my paypal account, which is linked to this email: dragonballsr@hotmail.com

Paypal is easy to use. All you have to do is sign up on Paypal.com, and than link it to your bank account. After verifying your account, you can send any money transfers from Credit Cards, Bank Accounts etc, to any other paypal accounts.

Thank you so much, and I hope I can save up enough funds to purchase a laptop. I will definitely update all of you on the donation tallies with thank you notes, as well as much more. If this alternative does not work, I may be forced to sell a few belongings that I have.

Please help me out, and I will greatly appreciate it. Thank you so much.

Update: I have decided to sell a few items of mine. The following items I am currently selling is my old tablet that I had a while back. It broke a while back, and Tom Fulp donated a new one too me. My friend borrowed it and got it refurnished and fixed. The problem was the USB wire chord got messed up, but it's replaced and works perfectly fine.

Another item I'm selling is my JVC Camcorder that sells for $400.00, but I'm selling it for $250.00. Check out the ads over at craigs list at the links below:

Wacom Tablet Graphire (6X8) - View Here
JVC GR-D395 Mini DV Digital Camcorder - View Here

For the Wacom Tablet, I wanted to hold a giveaway to someone that really needs it, but this is my alternative at the moment. It's 50 dollars off, and hopefully someone who has the cash can purchase it and enjoy it.

Thank you to the users below, whom were generous enough to donate some spare change. I strongly appreciate it :)

Donations List:
Zuggz - $0.86 USD. ($1.00 CAD)
WhoknowsmeaUdiO - $2.00 USD
Anonymous - $20.00 USD
djnet - $25.00 USD
Anonymous - $100.00 USD

Posted by Rudy - May 3rd, 2009