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Rudy's News

Posted by Rudy - April 28th, 2009

Hello guys and gals,

I'm just leaving a PSA, regarding my participation in Pico Day this year. I usually stick with my tradition and create an animation or game for every Pico Day, but the times have changed. As I really want to complete something for the day, I can't quite fit it into my schedule really.

Currently I have been busy doing a lot regarding school; prom, homework, portfolio for college...etc. It's just I have been jam packed with all this chaos and stuff like that.

On a brighter note, I have been tossing around ideas with my friend, Mike. You may know him as El-Presidente. Expect some promising work from us together in the future. :)

To conclude this, I just want to apologize for not being able to make anything for Pico Day. I will have other projects, collabs, and non-profit organizations heading your way. Yes, I said I'm going to start a website regarding a pretty interesting organization sometime soon. It's still in the BETA stages but that doesn't matter.. Uh oh.. I have said to much already!

: Whoops.

Visit Tsunami-Productions for more information, and updates regarding progress on the game/other good stuff!

Posted by Rudy - April 2nd, 2009

If you are qualified to vote for your favorites for March, please vote the In My Arms Collab as one of the submissions. I would greatly appreciate it, as well as my peers will as well.

Thank you!

Posted by Rudy - April 1st, 2009




** By the way, my words were automatically edited by the Chinese :(

Posted by Rudy - March 5th, 2009

Hello ladies and gentleman,

I'm about proud to announce that the long-awaited "In My Arms Collab" has hit the portal!

This collaboration was an effort created by Sean Ruediger, as he grouped up his favorite artists from the Aura-Core, and also got help from a few other known artists on Newgrounds.com.

This collab is a beautiful piece, and expresses the more serious side of collabs, rather than 2-hour time trials, or just gibberish. This suppose to show the purpose of bringing out the more serious side of artists on Newgrounds, rather than comedy bits involving Super Mario, or anything of that sort.

Our goal was to complete a piece with one color scheme, and adapt it using various art techniques to apply shade, and texture to our artwork and animation. This challenge was faced by using cross-hatch and other art techniques, which made this collab rather unique in it's own way.

It's a very personal, and heart-filled collaboration, as I created it dedicated to someone dear to me. Mogly has also put his heart and soul into his piece as well. We are inspired to make more meaningful collaborations on the site, and hope to do so sometime in the near future.

Taking about 3 months, this collab has been concluded and faced it's time in the portal. I hope you enjoy the outcome of this. We faced a few problems, which included surgery, pain, and waiting on people to finish their work -- but the outcome is quite beautiful, and I'm proud to work with the artists I have with this collab.

Thank you everyone for taking part in this collab. Thank you the whole crew, but mostly, Thank you the Aura-Core for making this possible; Tarienn for special FX and intro, GatekeeperGirl for her amazing animation skills, as well as Jeinu for his two submissions he entered in this as well, which were beautiful. Also, I can't forget Theo-Art's for his amazing work as well!

It's such an honor to release such a serious piece, I hope you all enjoy it as much as I do.

Jon Foreman - In My Arms Collab Released!

Posted by Rudy - February 11th, 2009

Boys and Girls,

Today is a very sad sad day for Newgrounds. Well, not really -- but I'm just rather disappointed in myself, quite frankly. 6 weeks ago was my 17th birthday, and I set a goal to create an animation a week for the whole year. As there is 52 weeks in a year, this is how I got the name for the 52 weeks project. I had big plans for the project as well; I was going to complete it, and maybe release all the shorts on it's own website; or even create a DVD featuring them all, with bonus features of some sort -- but it seems as if it's not working out.

As some of you may know, last week I failed to deliver a weekly animation to you guys due to a computer problem I was facing. This week, I was SUPPOSE to release two animations for you guys to have orgasms about and all that good stuff, but yet again -- I failed to do so. But, oh it's not my fault. I'm not one to make excuses, but I've been really sick recently.

I'm getting surgery this Monday, so I'll be out of school for a week -- Out of the gym for over a month, and ever since Saturday morning, I've had the flu and a stomach virus. Such a horrible combination.

So due to the pain, the agony, and the let down -- I'm calling off the 52 Week Project for good. It was a good four weeks, and I hope you enjoyed the animations as they were around. Maybe, I'll pick up on the project again sometime and start over. Who knows what will happen, I guess you'll just have to wait and see to find out. ;) Expect more work in the future though from me when I feel a lot better.

If you're feeling really generous, send me some PMs, and maybe some get well cards or something. That would be cute :3 I would love to get some presents in the mail or something. IF you want too, send me a PM for my address. Bahah.

Now I'm just getting greedy.

No More 52-Weeks Project/Sick Sick Sick

Posted by Rudy - February 4th, 2009

Hm, it seems like I always get into problems involving submitting animations, and creating long-time based projects. So here's the deal, my computer has been rather screwy recently, so I won't be able to submit a 52-Weeks Project submission this week. I was trying to gather my files together, but my computer won't let me open Flash or anything of that matter.

I'm currently fixing the problem as we speak, but instead of trying to rush a submission out of my ass by 12 o'clock tonight within 5 hours, when I'm not even guaranteed my computer will be fixed, I'm just going to postpone my weekly this week.

For that matter, Next week on Wednesday, I will be releasing TWO Weeklies in one. It'll be basically a little double pack, so to speak. So hopefully that'll do good and you guys will enjoy that. =) I'm sorry for the inconvenience but things happen. What can you do? Right?

In the meantime, check out my website and read the updates and join the site! Once you sign up, You'll become a subscriber and you'll be able to comment on the content on the website! Please do so, and feel free to look around! =) I'd love to see what you have to say about my work, and the newsposts that featured on Front Page!

Also, I'm looking for Flash Animators/Action Scripters to help run the site and join the Tsunami Production team! The ones who want to join my Tsunami-Productions Team and want to have FP post privileges, but will help with the site, and make animations for the site and help with games, Contact me through PM, since I want to expand the site.

So please sign up so you can comment and all that good stuff.

*Note: Sign up with an eligible email address since it WILL send you a generated password for your account that you'll have to check. After getting that password, log in, and change your password to whatever you want it to be =)

Posted by Rudy - January 28th, 2009

Hello everyone,

It's that day of the week, and I have released the new animation for this week. If you aren't familiar with the 52-Week Project, read more about it in this post. This week involves two clouds checking out some hot babe! ;) Find out what happens next, and I hope you enjoy!

**Something weird happened late last night when I was editing the .SWF files. I was just updating my two flash submission: 52WK01: Birthday Wishes! and 52WK03: Peaches And Daisies! And when I re uploaded the updated .swf file -- it first said "YOU DO NOT OWN THIS FLASH SUBMISSION", so I exited the window and it than deleted my two submissions off my Newgrounds account. I also received an error saying, "Error - Filesystem error while saving Flash file." It's extremely confusing, and MontyCarlo is experiencing the same thing.

I don't quite know what this did this, but hopefully someone tells me -- so I'll know what happened since I probably will have to reupload them again? ;/

Here are the links for the two:
Week 1: Birthday Wishes! l View Here!
Week 3: Peaches and Daisies l View Here!

"ERROR - No submission ever existed with ID 479629."

The weird thing is, They didn't even end up in obituaries. They are just suddenly gone?

In other news, I redesigned my website to a wordpress version -- so please check out the site, and leave some nice comments =)

<< Previous Week l This Week l List of Animations >>

The 52-Week Project!: Cloud Talk!/DELETED GHOST SUBMISSIONS?!

Posted by Rudy - January 21st, 2009

Hello everyone,

It's that day of the week, and I have released the new animation for this week. If you aren't familiar with the 52-Week Project, read more about it in this post. This week involved Peach and Daisy talking about the way they like their men ;) Find out what happens next, and I hope you enjoy!

<< Previous Week l This Week l List of Animations >>

The 52-Week Project!: Peaches and Daisies!

Posted by Rudy - January 14th, 2009

Hello everyone,

It's that day of the week, and I have released the new animation for this week. If you aren't familiar with the 52-Week Project, read more about it in this post. This week is based upon A Magical Genie appears as an unlucky man is working. Find out what happens next, and I hope you enjoy!

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The 52-Week Project! Magic Time!

Posted by Rudy - January 7th, 2009

Hello there,

Today is my birthday, and I finally released my top-secret, 52 Weeks Project! The Fifty-Two Week Project is an idea I've had for a while to create. For a whole year, I will be animating an animation a week until my 18th Birthday. I am currently 17, and as a starting point -- I decided to submit on my birthday. This is going to be a challenge for me, especially for thinking of 52 ideas for a whole year, but I'm sure it'll pull together nicely.

I'll be submitting every Wednesday until my 18th Birthday, so once the new duedate hits, I'll have to have the animation finished on time by that day. This gives me a week to complete an animation. I'll usually start doing the idea on Thursday, Sketch it out in my notebook Friday, Move it into Flash on Saturday, Than finish it all up by Wednesday and submit. This is what I'll be doing for a whole year. I will try to keep the ideas and animations unique, and not repetitive -- Hopefully, I can be as original as possible. Wish me luck, and I hope you enjoy the challenge!

I'll try to update this post with all the submissions, as well as website, which will be up soon with a compilation of the submissions as well!

*Sorry for the downtime of my site, I'm working on it! It'll be up in the next 24/48 hours! As well as the 52 Week compilation page!


Fifty-Two Weeks Project List:
Week 1: Birthday Wishes! l View Here!
Week 2: Magic Genie l View Here!
Week 3: Peaches and Daisies l View Here!
Week 4: Cloud Talk l View Here!
Week 5: Not Available l View Here!
Week 6: Not Available l View Here!
Week 7: Not Available l View Here!
Week 8: Not Available l View Here!
Week 9: Not Available l View Here!
Week 10: Not Available l View Here!

ALSO! Thank you to Doomshock, ZadeFireLance, and MichaelHurst for making me a birthday flash dedication! Jump on the bandwagon people! Hah :) The more the merrier!

Birthday Dedication Submissions:
Doomshock l Happy Birthday RUDY!
MichaelHurst l Rudy's Christmas Flash 09
ZadeFireLance l The After Party!

*Oh, and Happy Birthday ZadeFireLance! :)

The 52 Week Project! - Happy Birthday to me :)