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So it's been a while...

Posted by Rudy - April 27th, 2013

Hello Newgrounds,

It's been a while but it's great to see that this site is advancing more and more each time I log-on. I have been grooved into a habit of signing onto Newgrounds every couple months to see what's going on.. but It's been almost a couple years since I made a post on here.

There once was a time where Newgrounds was EVERYTHING. I would get home from school, log onto the site and start planning my next animation. Unfortunately, days aren't the same anymore... I haven't released an animation in years and when I did release one, it was half assed because I couldn't find the motivation to complete something.

So here I am today -- working a full time job but I thought I might start tiptoeing back into the scene... Bit by bit. Over the last couple years, I have made tons of various animations, games, ideas and artwork for submissions that I eventually planned on submitting to Newgrounds. Over the couple weeks, I am going to be sorting through all of my work to see what is worthy to complete or trash.

Hopefully I'll have something posted up soon. As you can see by my icon, there was a Stoner Bulbasaur animation in the works. That most likely WILL be completed.. It's going to be a series of various Pokemon(only the original 150) -- Meh, I lost interest into where I was going with this. I just wanted to say hello and give you a heads up that I may possibly be back again.

To the ones that know me, to the ones that don't give a shit about me, or to the new members that are thinking, "who the fuck is Rudy?" -- Please enjoy a nice screenshot of "The Legend of Zelda Awesome" that I made years ago. Maybe I'll complete it.. But I'm not even sure if the AWESOME series are even around anymore.

Oh well - Toodles!

So it's been a while...

Comments (3)

Would be awesome if you complete that! :)

I can't say I recall the name, but it's always great seeing old users return to the site. I was away myself for a couple of years, only logging in to deposit EXP. Feels good to be back though, NG still is one of a kind.

Ah yeah, it's great being back to the site.

Looks cool dude, look forward to it and your future work. The screen shot really brings back the AWESOME series charm it once had.

Thanks man. Definitely going to start working on it this week, so hopefully it'll be good. The sound bit I recorded sounds pretty close to the Awesome series.

newgrounds is still pretty awesome, sorry for you.