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Newgrounds Radio Chat Newgrounds Radio Chat

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Pretty legit if you ask me..

I say Tom and the staff gets off their lazy ass and just use this as the official chat, because we've been waiting for the NGCHAT since 2007.

I'm tired of waiting for it. :(

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RhythmWorld RhythmWorld

Rated 5 / 5 stars

All My 5's Are Belong To You

Lmao, This is a really great game. I love how you guys featured my shitty rap song in this. Thanks golden. Thanks so much, and awesome game!

Favorited ;)

Webcam Suicide Webcam Suicide

Rated 1 / 5 stars


why the fuck would someone kill themselves with a nuke or boulder?


andy70707 responds:

Ive heard of ppl killing themselves with boulders. I dunno where anyone would get a nuke from thouh LOL

NG Sketchbook Tour 07 NG Sketchbook Tour 07

Rated 5 / 5 stars


I really liked it. Woo, I still haven't yet found one easter egg. Awh man :(

Madness Blast Madness Blast

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Well, it was alright.

I got ahold of it the second time around. The clown knocked me out mad quickly, but I jumped to the left of the screen obviously over your boundary you put there so we can't go passed, and I got stuck there. That's a bit of a glitch, I believe. But since I got stuck behind the boundary, he couldn't hurt me, and I could hurt him. So I won. ;)

Nice game though. Kudos to you.

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Luis the Magic Mod Luis the Magic Mod

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Hm, pretty nice game!

It was a pretty nice game, I really liked the game play and the whole concept. Mine was quite the same [kinda] since I had falling tacos :) Well, I really liked the art as well.

Keep up the good work man. 5'vd! :D

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Fion responds:

Thanks man, your game was pretty good too. I left a review. I'm surprised you like the art, I don't see myself as very good at art.

Thanks for the review.

Beat Catcher Beat Catcher

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Daily Feature? Damn guys, you rock! :)

Once I checked out the Awards for the day, I look at the daily feature and guess who I see made it? El-Presidente, and ToasterDemon. I was pretty happy seeing that since I know you guys deserve it.

Well after playing the game, I enjoyed it. It was an alright game, not the best -- not the worst. The gameplay was simple, since alot of games involve the whole "targets hitting panel" type of thing. I really liked it though.

My score was rather low, but oh well. I'm not that much into Online games as it is.

Nothing the less, good job guys and keep of the good work.
Can't wait to see more from yous two.

One-Hour-Collab Crew For life yooo :D

ToasterDemon responds:

We made the game in 3 days and in no way expected a daily feature, but thanks a ton for the review. We'd probably be working on another game for the contest but El's gone for 3 weeks.

Edward. Edward.

Rated 4 / 5 stars

This was a pretty fucking awesome game it..

During Mechanical Drawing today, I went onto Bubblebox (the site) and I noticed it on there. I was keeping eye on the previews on the NG Alpha page and it seems to be finally released (:

The gameplay is pretty unique and the storymode is fun. I noticed after the one level right before the skeleton guy that seems impossible to beat I hit him like 2,000 times...but he didn't die. Well anyways, after venturing and hitting the first switch you can't go to the beginning of the level anymore like you locked it or something. I don't know if that happens naturally though. Like it suppose to or not.

On Bubblebox, I don't believe the right click options are available -- I think they are all locked and it's just...blank "About Macromedia Flash 9"

Well it's an awesome game. I'm glad how it turned it. It's nicely done. Can't wait for more of your guys work.

That's it. :] I still haven't beat this game. I still couldn't beat the DEATH level when you die. I'm so horrible. I was just playing on crappy school's computer so I'll give it another go soon.

Thanks :]

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TrueDarkness responds:

You have to climb up and knock the spike on his head to knock him down and hit him. That's how you beat him. Thanks for the review, and the right click works, don't know why it wouldn't be there.
Tell me what you think when you beat it, you'll be one of the few who do.

FPS in Real Life 5 FPS in Real Life 5

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars


this is honestly getting old
Yeah the first two..oh great how cooll
but when you made..3 more after..
it's been getting really boring
and you over did your idea..way too much

yeah it was cool..but you guys overdone it

it's way too old now

one word: Boring.
I'm sorry...but it's true.
Think of some new ideas =]
Overall: It was ok..but it's getting old..ya know?

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Halloween Reprisal Halloween Reprisal

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Wow I'm impressed

I really enjoyed this game.

At first; When you introduced me to the game; I was like...ahh what could this be? Is it it bad? So I was a bit off the edge since you viewed the submission to me. I had my doubts a bit but you know what.. you really shocked me.

This game is really really really good.
Let's break it down a bit.

The graphics and artwork for the game was VERY impressing. I loved how the movie flowed with the cutscenes and explaining how the game worked in the HOW TO PLAY. It was very shined up and I could tell you guys took alot of time on this.

The style of the game was another impressing viewpoint of this finished product due to your character style. It was pretty basic but VERY artsy. I really enjoy that too.

The sounds for this movie was very good as well. They were pretty basic and fitted the enviroment of the game. So thumbs up on that one.

The violence wasn't too much; but it was sorta grusome like in the How to Play where the guy gets ripped in half. I enjoyed this.

The interactivity between the whole game was pretty good. I really enjoyed the chemistry between the characters and the gameplay in which this game released.

It was quite enjoyable.

There wasn't TOO much humor in this. I just really liked the swinging guy in the back like dead =P hah He looked cool though. That guy was just chilling there.
This was really good though.

The finished product of the game was really good. I enjoyed it all and the gameplay was astonishing. =] The artwork was pretty good too. The game came together quite nice. I wasn't disappointed at all. And the How to Play menu was very nice. Same with the menu screen.

Here's your overall game grade.. a 10! =]
I was very impressed.

Thank you for showing me this game.
It's adding to the favorites.
Maybe... Armor Games reward; and maybe...front page award? Sounds good to me.

I wish you best of luck. =]
I'll be looking forward to more of your work.
Thank you for everything and the awesome game.

I'm out.

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Rammer responds:

Rammer: wow, that's quite a review! i wish i got more of these.

graphics: yeah, Blaze is an excellent artist. i feel like my little details helped to tie it up in a fancy ribbon, though, so to speak :P we both spent a lot of time on this...i actually put school on hold for a bit while we worked on this :P

style: no real comment..

sound: what's funny is that i made one of the squishing sounds with my mouth :P like when you gouge their eyes out; that's me. but Blaze found all the other sounds, that little rascal.

violence: heh, i think this is the strong point of the game. i THINK. my blood effects would be nothing if it weren't for Blaze's amazing animation skills.

interactivity: i am glad you liked it, because the one thing that made this game have any challenge was taken out at the last minute \: we were both worried that people wouldn't like it due to its lack of challenge, but i suppose it worked out fine because it's satisfying to rip the kids apart.

humor: heh, we tried to put in little bits of humor in random places, most noticeably, as you said, was the hanging guy. another little bit was on the tombstone in the first cinematic, a little nod toward my favorite comedian, Demetri Martin. take a close look :P

overall: thanks! we worked insanely hard to get this all done in the short amount of time that we had, so i think i can say on both of our behalf that we're glad it all came out all right.

any kind of award would kick ass. we're just hopinh for one, but with the current score (3.55), i don't think we're getting one ):


I'm glad that the How To Play part was understandable, i was a bit scared that people wouldn't understand it and therefore wouldn't be able to play it. We both took a lot of time into this, and the animations took a long time to perfect (or to get close to such thing). I'm glad you also enjoyed the art style, I try my best.

Violence. There wasn't much violence on my own part, i only ripped the kids in half for Rammer to add the brutal gore. Which I believe we both agree that it is indeed pretty awesome. Some of the sounds were made by Rammer! Hahaha. Thank you for your review, sir it means a lot to us.

~ Blaze