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Rudy's News

Posted by Rudy - September 12th, 2007

Grab a cup of coffee, a few energy drinks, and maybe some popcorn. This update is rather long and probably the most I've ever written for Newgrounds. It sums up to around 4-pages in Microsoft Word, so take your time. I hope you enjoy this update.

I've been thinking whether or not of animating for now. I've been on the border of going back or not. It's been about a week since my announcement, yet still I don't have any interest. I've been posting casually sometimes during the day in the General Forums. I randomly check the Flash Forums at times. I have been swamped with school though recently which sucks.

I don't know if I should animate or not which is bothering me. I really want to whip up something for Madness Day, in the least time I have left but I'll probably fail horribly. Hopefully, I can have some nice Newgrounds related Halloween Animation short. I have some ideas already stirring in my mind.

The storyline will probably be some type of horror type of thing. No screamers because I obviously hate those type of things. Maybe to the point where you'll be like, "Wow, that was fucking twisted." But that's really it. It won't be that extreme.

In other news, I still have YET to even start on the design of my website. I was honestly going to get a .com or a .net for the Tsunami Productions team, but we really aren't a team. My site staff consists of mainly one person (myself.) So it's kind of hard. It's really hard to design a website on your own. I'm really aiming for a all HTML - CSS type of site. Maybe some Javascript in there or something. I'm just horrible at codes. So if anyone can help me with coding, I'd appreciate it. Coders are needed! Not Actionscipt coding of course, HTML AND CSS CODERS! I'd appreciate it dearly, and you'd be added to the Tsunami-Productions team glady. I need someone I can trust though, so leave me a PM or Email if you are interested.

Another thing that went on last week was the UK/London Meet-Up 2007. You should check out the page to learn more interesting information about the days spent in London. It was basically arranged by Luis. Others helped with the whole crew as well. Such as Mogly, and The-Super-Flash-Bros. Just take a look if you're interested. It's pretty cool. Wish I could of went, but I'm kinda in the USA Region. New Jersey is quite the boring. Waiting for that New York meet up! Hah.

If you look below you'll notice some type of character mascot. I've been doodling that little guy on my papers recently in school. School is another thing that's been smashing into my schedule. It's rather annoying, but I'll deal. He's kind of a character image of myself. My kind of imagination character. I think he'll eventually grow into something beyond the little doodle on my paper some day. We'll see though.

It's kind of confusing at points with animation and I. Since school started, I've been very non-productive, I haven't been having the activeness as I had once before. I feel like shit somedays though. It's killer. I go to sleep around 10-11pm, since I have to wake up 6am during weekends. I get ready, and go off to the hell-hole. It's not that school is hard, it's just that who wants to do it? Maybe, I should just stop bitching and complaining. I do that way too much.

Enough of that shit. To sum up this blog thing, I need the following people for my site if anyone is interested:


That's all I really need. The reason because I'm horrible at coding, and I'll probably end up failing in the end. So if anyone has any free-time to help me code my site I'd appreciate it alot. The farthest I've ever gone with CSS isn't that good. Look how far I've got . It's horrible. My knowledge of CSS probably will increase but I really don't have time. I'd really appreciate it, if someone can tag team with project with me. I'd be very pleased if anyone wanted to help. I'll do all art and ideas, I'd just need someone to help me map the whole thing out with codes, and everything.

I'll basically need the site with a few things.
-About Staff

Not much is needed. It's just a matter, if anyone wants to help. I will design it, I just need a coder to help me along the lines of building this thing. I'll also do artwork, if anyone wants to help with that, than just ask away. Just throw some ideas at me, and we'll see what goes on.

A quick note, before ending this whole news post completely. I think maybe I should drift off into something more animation related again. Recently, about a week ago an animation was released by the ever-so-good animator, rtil. His recent animation, Metropolis Circuit is a rather interesting introduction Flash to a soon to be in production series he's creating. The animation is a bit choppy at some points but it's still by far greater than anything I can create. I really like the animation and time put into it. The style looks nice as well. For more information here's the Author's Comments:

"Project Freetown : Metropolis Circuit

i've never spent more time and effort on a flash than this one. i really hope you enjoy the first flash that introduces my series and universe Project Freetown.

Two of the main characters here, Violet and Ravi, race across the North district of the city of Freetown, on a planet much the same but also different than ours. You can read more inside the flash cartoon.

i hope you enjoy this piece, and look forward to more in the series. i have already started the next one.

if you'd like to see a version with higher quality audio, there are ones at my website which you can get to from the cartoon or the link underneath my name and profile."

rtil seems to have brought character into the animation which I liked . I loved the color palette and patterns used in the animation, as well as the music added to make it really good. For more feedback and recognition, I'll plug in a site link for ya if you want to see more of his work. .The Back Alleys It's rather nice, the design of the site could improve though. Even though I'm not one to judge on site design. I can't make shittt.

Another artist, I'd like to mention is the creator of Sonic: Nazo Unleashed Pt. 3. The reason I'm mentioning Chakra-X is not because he was recently added to Front-Page but because his work is rather nice. Looking like he's a local from Philadelphia, which I live near, he seems to be pretty interested in animation. This Flash Animation is kind of like a Dragonball Z episode with the Power-Ups and effects. It has variety. One thing I notice that needs to be improved would have to be the background art. It needs work, along with some more shading. The characters did turn out nice though, as well as the animation. If you want to check out more, you should watch the other two parts before the one I just mentioned to understand the whole concept. Part 1 and Part 2

I'm kinda trying to plug in as many artist interests in these News Posts more and more, as I can. I want to advertise and make this not only my site profile, but everyone else that interests me as well. Everyone needs good publicity, and hopefully this helps out a bit of people. :)

Another thing, you guys shouldn't forget is Madness Day 07' is going to be coming up, so don't forget it. There should be alot of submissions that day by various authors. Such as the creator, Krinkles, along with many others. I believe. Just don't forget -- SEPTEMBER 22nd!

Last but not least, Let's discuss an update by Tom Fulp himself. This news post isn't really serious, but Ross relaunched the Review Mod Tools, so that's good. Hah.

Other interesting site related news would have to be the thread in the Art Forum. It's a thread thats about "Newgrounds Staff Style." You basically create yourself as the art like Johnny Utah's work of the NG Staff characters. It's a rather interesting thread if you like art, so you should check that out.

Also, as shocking as it sounds liljim, actually posted something. Rather funny but true, so check that out. I'm just outlining the updates of the site. Some are featured on a few of Tom's Front Page Posts. I'm just high-lighting the week. Probably useless and a waste of space, but oh well. Deal with it.

Moving on and ending this, Anyone involved about the coding -- Just contact me at any of my contact information. Email, or PM. Maybe even on Messager. Just drop me a line.

Alright enough of this nonsense, You guys really don't care about this babbling bullshit. I'll leave you kids alone, See you in another week or two. Maybe a month!

Email - dragonballsr@hotmail.com
MSN - dragonballsr@hotmail.com
AIM - rudynumber2

Eh, poking at some fun...

Posted by Rudy - September 4th, 2007

Animation Breaks

Within time of animating, and having a good time at it. Usually your finished product turns out either a total disaster or a victorious product. I've been thinking alot about animating, but I haven't been able to be inspired enough to even start on working any projects which is really weird for me.

I haven't been around for a while on Newgrounds though. I've checked it a few times the previous week, but that's really it. I just lost interest a bit. As well, probably the flash scene in general. Maybe, it's just a phase I'm going through that I'll eventually grow out of.

I used to love animating, but for some reason, about 2-3 weeks ago, or maybe even last month I've lost interest. I'm probably going to pick up animating again, but I quite don't know when. Maybe, I'll go on a Newgrounds/Animation break, take a little vacation from it all for a bit. Drink a bit, and just sink in my utter-not success of this life of mine.

Animating was a hobby of mine, but for some reason maybe I should just back away from it for a bit. School is starting tomorrow, and this is the first time I've checked the Lounge in a while. I'm trying to see what's going on here, how everyone's lives are doing, what's exactly happening. You guys may not see my face around here for a while. I'll be taking an animation break, maybe I'll update my blog here and there but that's really it.

Hm, that sounds good. See you all maybe in 2 months. I may crack an animation or two out for the holidays. No idea yet. But All I know now, It'll probably be nothing promising. I'm a mess.

If you're even interested in talking to me; I guess contact through email or MSN/AIM. I highly doubt it though.

Email - dragonballsr@hotmail.com
MSN - dragonballsr@hotmail.com
AIM - rudynumber2

Posted by Rudy - August 13th, 2007

After many problems and frustration the Apocalypse Collab is finally finished! This has to be my first collab I've ever made, and it runs about 9 minutes plus 2 minutes worth of extras. Of course it wouldn't ever be possible if I didn't have the authors who helped me so much in this collab. I'd like to thank all of you below:

(Wurmy1029, DrunkenDog, Doomshock, Penboy, UnReal-Me, rudy, razveck, kyledafox, sinistermuffin, the-claww, slick productions, kinesta, jonimator, battered-prawn, st1k, toasterdemon, Ergoengan, Cybermonkeystudios, InvaderChris, and CheektoGhetto)

I'm very proud of the outcome of this collab. Especially since my computer crashed and I lost everything. From there, I had a month to rebuild this whole thing and release it. It was either that, or give up. Of course, giving up wasn't an option for me. I hope you enjoy this as much as I do.



The Apocalypse Collab LAUNCHED!

Posted by Rudy - July 18th, 2007

How to detect your Batting Average:

Despite the Newgrounds Redesign, alot of people have been lost and asking many questions involving features and problems in the system. Of course you can always Report Bugs or maybe even PM Tom Fulp --There is a simple solution to solve your questions. Today, I bring you the simple answer on finding your "Batting Average."

The Batting Average is an averaged total score of your top 3 Newgrounds submissions. The reason why we really need to know about the batting average is because it applies to many users to create Collabs in the Flash Forum. The rules state that you need over a 3.0+ Batting Average to arrange and hold a collab for many others to participate in.

To clear up some questions, I thought maybe I should just post a News Topic involving this change, and MAYBE clear up some questions that are lurking around in people's minds.

Here are the steps to find your batting average:
: It's the only way I know of so far.

1) Simply type your name in the Newgrounds Search Bar, under the USER search.
2) After detecting your submissions, You'll see your icon on the right of the screen, as your submissions are at the right side.
3) Hover over your icon, to reveal your Batting Average.

That's the simple and easy way to find out how to find your batting average. Many people, have been wondering on how too, so I thought I'd make this to clear up some questions. Hopefully this helped!

Thank you.
: Here's an example screenshot:

How to detect your Batting Average? Solution Here.

Posted by Rudy - July 17th, 2007

Despite the new redesign, I'll be updating my page dramatically of course. I'll have features and updates on new Flash Animations and Games bound to hit Newgrounds.com. I'm really glad it's finally released. I think I'm going to just...go crazy due to the whole new upgrade. I'm impressed -- very impressed.

In other news, I'll be making a new website design for Tsunami Productions. This makes me extremely excited, I'm hoping to team up with a few of my friends to get a HTML full based site, and make it pretty kickass. I've been updating my NG User Page as well if anyone is interested. The character is designed to look like me, and I'm very pleased with how everything is turning out.

Another thing I'll be releasing soon is a Redesign Flash Animation, later on tonight. To get out all the mischief of the submissions about it, I decided to work on something on my own. It'll be a little rushed but hopefully it'll turn out nicely. I'm also going to use this as a journal based kind of thing, so I hope you enjoy the whole design and entries.

Thank you.